Crafting a Brand Identity for Cafe Rozita

The Approach

Creative Exploration

I began by immersing myself in the concept of "Serpientes" (Snakes in Spanish), exploring various visual elements associated with snakes to inform the brand's identity. Through mood boards and brainstorming sessions, I distilled key themes and motifs to guide our design process.

Design Iteration

With a clear understanding of the brand's essence, I embarked on designing a logo that captured the intricacies of the serpent motif while remaining versatile and responsive across different mediums. Additionally, I developed a custom font to complement the logo and ensure consistency in branding.

Unified Brand Experience

Understanding the importance of customer experience and communication, I focused on ensuring uniformity across Cafe Rozita's digital and physical touchpoints. From the website to Instagram, menu, and marketing materials, every element was meticulously crafted to maintain a cohesive brand identity and enhance the overall customer journey.

The Impact

My efforts resulted in significant impact for Cafe Rozita, setting the stage for a successful brand launch and establishing a strong presence in the market:

  • Distinctive Brand Identity: The cohesive brand identity system I developed distinguished Cafe Rozita from competitors, creating a memorable and recognizable brand presence that resonated with customers.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By prioritizing uniformity and consistency across various touchpoints, I ensured that customers received a seamless and cohesive experience, whether interacting with the brand online or in-person.

  • Positive Reception: The unique and visually striking branding, coupled with the thoughtful design approach, garnered positive feedback from customers and stakeholders, generating excitement and anticipation for the cafe's launch.


The Cafe Rozita project exemplifies the power of strategic design and meticulous execution in crafting a compelling brand identity. By leveraging the concept of "Serpientes" and prioritizing uniformity across all touchpoints, I successfully created a cohesive brand experience that resonated with customers and set Cafe Rozita apart in a competitive market. Moving forward, we remain committed to delivering impactful design solutions that elevate brands and delight customers.